Hi, I’m Brendon - I’m no career politican, I’m just a regular middle class guy born from honest working immigrant parents.

I don’t have any political experience, however, I am a fully Certified Financial Planner and have been managing money for well over a decade. I’ve also lived in Waterloo Region all of my life!

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminology from the University of Waterloo where I focused on mental health issues in the criminal justice system. During my studies at UW, I organized and ran a volunteer initiative as well - our service mentored incoming first year students who lived off of campus and connected them to support systems, student groups, and helped them adjust to the Waterloo community as a whole.

As a candidate, my primary objectives are to encourage more community participation in local politics and to provide an alternative choice to voters - as Regional Chair, my primary platform is surrounding financial transparency, infrastructural development, community engagement, addiction & crime, supporting small businesses, and affordability for home owners/renters.

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